Tuesday, October 16, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 9

How important I think education is.

As a career student, I think that makes my views pretty clear. (Someday I WILL go back to school and get my PhD!) But if there is one thing I've learned is that education comes in all shapes and sizes. It isn't the amount of time spent in a classroom or lab or library or whatever. Formal education isn't the only type of education. In fact, some of the most intelligent people I know did not receive their educations in an institution of higher learning. Education is more about finding the answer to something that was previously unknown to a person.

I am good at the traditional, formal education type of learning (not bragging, just stating a fact). I like learning. It's in my blood. 5 generations (I think) of my family went to the same university. Always the rebel, I broke with tradition and found myself at another institution, paving the way for my younger cousins to all choose other centers of academia. But I married into a family that doesn't have five generations of college graduates. Or four or three or... You get the idea. They received their education in the military, on the job, in the world, not a classroom. And if I had half their brain capacities....!

So while I value the classic interpretation of education, I also value the outside the box thinkers, doers, and learners. Without my 'school is not for me' huz, I couldn't be a 'school is for me' wife.

And there you have it!

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  1. Very true!!! I totally agree that learning does not have to be in a classroom! It is not the way it has to be for everyone and just because you don't have a million degrees does not mean you are not smart. I think of Grandma Bonnie and how smart she was about things and she didn't have much education but she worked and worked until she figured something out!!! Great post, Carla! Proud of you and all you have accomplished already in your short life!