Wednesday, October 17, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 7

5 pet peeves.

Only five!?

If you read Salt, Soap, and Sandals you will learn that pet peeve número uno is when there is no soap in the soap dispenser. No, it's more complex than that. It's only at work, because the dispenser will be empty for DAYS! I see the cleaning crew go in the bathroom, I assume to clean it. And I would think that checking the soap dispensers would be part of the routine... But that is clearly not the case. From the aforementioned post you would also learn pet peeve number two. When my pant legs are wet and touch bare skin. Gross!

For pet peeves 3-5 I have to think a little more. 3. I cannot stand when people do not use turn signals. Makes me think things I have to be careful not to say with my daughter in the car... 4. Passive-aggressive behavior. I admit, I slip up sometimes and do this myself. But it's really obnoxious! 5. The lack of common courtesy in the world. Not enough pleases and thank yous. Too much entitlement. Sigh.

But I'll tell you what will never be a pet peeve. No matter how rough my night was, holding my sleeping child in my arms and seeing a smile or hearing a giggle, makes the sleeplessness melt away.


  1. Your pet peeves are good ones and your lack of sleep has always been a part of who you are so why do you think it would change now?? :-) At least you have a great attitude about it!!!

    1. I keep hoping one day I will learn how to sleep. But I think it is a lost cause...