Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Long lost relative?

Inmate 1577 (Karen Vail #4) by Alan Jacobson. I believe this is the final book in the series, although it appears Mr. Jacobson had written at least one book about another character appearing in the Vail series and I may have to check that out sometime...

Again this one can't count toward my challenge (at which I am now doing miserably!) because, technically, it wasn't on MY shelf. I borrowed Ma's NOOKcolor, I was contemplating upgrading my own NOOK. NOOKcolor has some pretty cool interactive kid books. So while I was playing, I noticed Inmate 1577 in her library and could not resist!

Inmate 1577 has FBI profiler, Karen Vail back out on the west coast, racing around San Francisco after a serial killer. Some historical facts thrown into the fiction, I learned a little more about Frankie Morris (an in-law of mine perhaps?), one of the never found escapees from Alcatraz when it was still a functioning prison.

Some of my (real) in-laws still live in that area, and I think that made this book extra fascinating. I had previously requested a visit to Alcatraz on my next trip out there- definitely going to make that happen now!

So if you like a good mystery/psychological thriller or California history, check this one out. I did know who the killer was, sort of. You'll see what I mean!

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