Friday, January 8, 2016

So this happened...

It all started a couple weeks ago. I was brushing Punky's hair and commented that she was due for a cut. I just happened to mention she had enough hair to donate, not really thinking anything of it, more reminding myself that I have to stop doing crazy colors in my own hair before I can donate again. She looks at me and asks, "What does donate mean?" I explained that (in this context) it meant to give your hair to someone who didn't have any. She immediately said, "Yes, I want to do that."

Having my own attachment issues to my hair (when I donated almost 4 years ago, my sister in law went with me, to watch the baby [and to make sure I didn't chicken out]), I took the next logical step. I got the ruler. I showed Miss Punky how much would need to be cut and how much would be left. "Yes," was again her answer.

I put her off a bit. "How about this time we just do a trim and then if you still want to cut it next time, we will." I figured she would change her mind within the hour. But she kept talking about it. I reminded her that once they started cutting her hair, she couldn't go back. And that if she didn't like it, it would grow back, but it would take a while. We couldn't reattach her hair once it was cut.

Still she seemed cool with the idea. I told her she needed to talk to her dad about it. The Huz generally prefers longer hair on females, so I wanted to make sure he was in on the discussion. He reviewed the idea that once it was cut, it was cut. Punky said she understood.

So I tried a different approach. "I'm getting my hair done soon, want to see if she can cut your hair when she does mine?" She hesitated. She likes playing at Cookie Cutters and sitting in a funny chair and watching cartoons. "You'll be going with me even if you don't get it cut." "Okay, I'll do it then."

Quick check with my hair person to make sure she could squeeze in Punky. She could.

Hair happened to come up in a conversation with the babysitter. She suggested finding a picture to help Punky understand. So after some Googling I showed Punky a picture of a young girl without any hair. I believe her name is Riley. At least that is what we are calling her.

After we picked out a recipient, I started showing Punky some options for shorter hair. Shoulder length. Chin length (or as Punky called it, cheek length). Pixie cuts. She made her choice with confidence.

Now, I know Riley already received a wig and that we have no idea who will actually get Punky's ponytail, but Riley is helping Punk to understand where her hair is going. I'm not one to lie to my kid. Or anyone. But a little truth stretching in this case, I'm okay with.

I am so proud that Punky committed to "Riley" and wanted to do something for another human being, and one she will never know! I want her to know the hard truths in life and that she can change the world. One little wig at a time if that's how she chooses to do it.

But I'm a little bit sad. My little girl is growing up. And looking grown up! I'll miss the daily torture sessions of brushing and styling. We pulled off some crazy hairdos! I am going to miss her hair as much as I missed my own the last time I chopped and donated.

One thing you can say about us Morris girls. We go big or go home when it comes to hair!

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  1. Love Punky stories. You are raising a kind, compassionate young lady. Well done to both you and the huz.