Sunday, March 24, 2013

Not for the faint of heart

Since taking this new job, I've been thrust into a world I knew existed, but that hadn't really collided with my world. In less than two months on the job, I have learned a great deal. And know there is SO much more to learn.

This week is my first week having to do on-call work. The call just as I was crawling into bed looking for a foster home for a three year old. The call at 3:30 in the morning (yes, I crawled out of bed and stumbled down the stairs so the huz could keep sleeping as I had the conversation) about an 11 year old needing a place to go... Certainly the stories will continue and probably becoming even more heart wrenching.

As part of my self-educating process, I Amazon wishlisted a few books. One I received as a birthday gift. Let me tell you, this book, like foster care itself, is not for the faint of heart. I don't mean to say it is pornographically graphic. It's not. But it is hauntingly moving. I fully admit to shedding tears while reading this one. And I'm sure it got to me more now, than say two years ago, before I became a mother. I definitely recommend it. But have something cheery and lighthearted to go with it!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Fill-in

Yep! I remembered to visit to join the Friday fill-in this week!

1. My first car was a _________.
2. My ______is so _________.
3. I would drop everything to ________.
4. I never tell people I once _________.

My answers:
1. My first car was a 1992 white Geo Tracker with a black convertible top.
2. My house is so dirty!
3. I would drop everything to go back to school?
4. I never tell people I once ate meat?

Those last two were tricky! Sorry for the lame-o answers...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

October November

Yes, I know it is March and spring is (supposedly) on the way. And I, for one, am glad. Spring is my favorite season. The smell of newness in the air. The grass greening up. The flowers blooming. The birds. Yadda yadda yadda. But did I mention I finished "October Fest" and have started "November Hunt"? Well it is true. I still think July was my favorite, but October was amusing. We got to know Mrs. Berns a little better. And in November it looks like Mira is going legit and is not just a nosy lady anymore... But I'm only a few chapters in so we shall see...

If you are just joining my sporadic blog, I am talking about Jess Lourey's Murder by Month series. I recommend them for a quick, easy, fun mystery adventure.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Holy Highlighting!

It's been a long time since I burned through highlighters this quickly! I've killed four now and it is day one of week four of employment. My guess is it will slow down here soon, since I think I'm about finished reading all the legislation and policies and procedures and such that pertain to this new job. And that's a good thing, since I think I only have two highlighters left in my stash at home!

My brain is still slightly overwhelmed at all the new information that has been shoved into it in the last three weeks. I am now officially in charge of my own caseload. I thought they'd start me out slow with one or two cases and then build me up as I learned. Nope. Full caseload right off the bat. And there must have been multiple full moons in February as the relatively calm cases have suddenly gone haywire! Just in time for me to take over! The three coworkers in my office are going to be sick of my questions!!

Hopefully everything settles down and I don't make any critical errors...

Friday, March 1, 2013


I stayed up a little later than normal last night to finish reading "August Moon" the fourth book in Jess Lourey's Murder by Month series. July has been my favorite so far, August took a turn for the weird! I was disappointed to find that my library does not have the rest of the series available for digital download. Boo! So this morning I snuck on to and purchased September. I'll have to start rationing them out, enjoying them when I can sell a batch of cupcakes or something. Or I suppose I could always see if the library carries them in the old fashioned paperback version....