Saturday, October 20, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 10

Hmmm. Well I've been outsmarted by I was trying to post one challenge item per day. But apparently, unless I do it a certain way, it posts the post on the day it was composed, not on the day I push the "post" button. I think I have it figured out now...

Put my music player on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that play.

1. Unknown Track 08- wait....let me get to my WHOLE music library, not just Punky's lullabys...

Take Two

1. Chevelle: Don't Fake This
2. Box Car Racer: Elevator
3. Staind: Mudshovel

Man, I've got some stuff on here that I didn't remember- from my "bitter phase" days...

4. Hawk Nelson: Every Little Thing

Oh, that's better!

5. Cedarmont Baby: Evening Hymn

Looks like a lullaby snuck in there anyway!

6. Incubus: Privilege
7. Fuel: Knives
8. The Beatles: Come Together
9. Candle Rain: Cryin Eyes
10. Alanis Morissette: Sister Blister

And now I know why I generally stick to my Saving Michael Dash playlist. All favorites all the time (Saving Jane, Michael Buble, and Dashboard Confessional).


  1. Darn you!!! I moved to WordPress awhile ago and am VERY happy with the way you can schedule posts. I have the whole month scheduled now!!! Your music is very....eclectic...just like you! Good to have variety and at least you did not do it in the library, have your headphones come unplugged right in the middle of a horribly explicit song. Avert eyes and immediately leave the area........

    1. I THINK I got this blogger thing figured out now. Part of it was I was writing them from my phone and couldn't schedule the date to publish. Gotta do that from the good old fashioned computer.

      Some of that music is almost scary! But it tells a story about my life at the time. Music helps me purge emotion, makes memories, etc. It really is te soundtrack to my life.