Friday, October 5, 2012

A whole new (old) world

That stack of books sitting on my shelf waiting to be read? Yeah, I'm never going to finish it. I did well, I read 10 of them this year. Well, in just the second part of this year, actually. But I did a bad thing. Well, a good thing, but a bad thing. I FINALLY learned how easy it is to rent books from the library- ON MY NOOK. Clearly, I've been to the library before and rented books before (it's just been a LONG time since I've done that), but I'd never set up my NOOK to borrow books. Now, I have the ENTIRE metro library E-book collection at my fingertips. Which is awesome- free books to read! And bad- that stack of books is NEVER going to diminish. Why would I read "The Art of ADHD" (I totally made that title up) when I could read "Saturdays with Santa" (I made that up too)? I'll choose a good novel (maybe even an average novel) over educational literature any day. That's the problem. I NEED to read the educational stuff. I LIKE the educational stuff. I just like novels more...

And that leads me to say, I finished my first library-rented NOOK book. I'm a little behind the times. Always have been. I didn't read the first Harry Potter until mere months before the last one hit the shelves. I knew nothing about Twilight until someone gave me the first book as a gift- months after the craze had started (and we won't talk about my feelings about those two series here...that's another post entirely! But here's a hint: loved one and was "eh" about the other.). I haven't done the 50 shades series yet (though I may not ever get to that one...). So I'm late jumping on board with this one too- "The Help." It was phenomenal. Fantastic. Loved it. 16 thumbs up. One of the best I've read in a while. I really enjoyed it. Characters that felt real, believable, lovable. A storyline that made me stop and wonder, what would I have done if I had lived in that time, in that part of the country? What would I have done? I know what I would LIKE to answer...


  1. I give it 20 thumbs up!!! I loved that book!!! And the movie was pretty good too but I am always glad if I read the book before I see the movie--how about you?

    1. Agreed. So many movies I haven't seen because I want to read the books first! Now I can see this one!