Thursday, October 25, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 13

My opinion about my body and how comfortable I am with it.

Okay, I'll be honest. Right now I'm not exactly thrilled with my body. It's not exactly cooperating with me. Now, if you'd asked me this a year ago...(wait, bad example. I was 1 month from delivering the Punkster and was realllly UNcomfortable). If you'd asked me TWO years ago, I would have said I liked my body well enough and was pretty much at home in my skin. I'd learned to accept myself the way I was. A few pounds more than I wanted to be, but in all, I was happy with myself. But back to today. I'm certain if a complete stranger was reading this, right now they'd be thinking, "oh, she's like a lot of women, having trouble shedding that baby weight." And they'd be wrong. At the risk of ticking off a lot of struggling women, the baby weight just fell off, I didn't do anything. The problem is that the weight kept coming off. (Again, women everywhere are cursing me. I get that. I'm sorry. I am.) Now I find myself on the too thin side (yes, there is such a thing!). I'm used to being more athletically built and having cures. I look at myself and to my eyes, I look unhealthy. Maybe it's just cause I can't afford to replace my clothes that are too big (and stubbornly don't WANT to replace them even if I could because that would mean giving in to the stupid stomach issues. I'm still holding out hope that I can "recover" enough to put a few pounds back on.) and I look like I'm swimming in some of my old favorites. But perhaps it is time to accept my new figure (sigh) and visit a thrift store for a few pieces until I can get back to the old me...

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