Monday, June 24, 2013

My how things change

This week I will be preparing for another long weekend road trip with Punky. I think (THINK) the Huz will be coming too... Punky and I will most likely be leaving Thursday evening and the Huz will join us Friday evening. Regardless of the details, I will once again be traveling via car, just the Punkster and myself. At least the journey is half the distance of our previous solo road trips.

As I think about what I need to pack and when in the world I am going to have time to pack the things that need to go along, I also take a look around my surroundings. 


I inherited the clean-before-you-leave-so-you-come-home-to-a-nice-space gene. And the above do not show a clean or clutter-free environment!

As the Huz, champ that he is, worked on the final phase of Project Deck (staining- which I fully intended to help with, but the Punk would not allow) the house became a state of disarray. Oh, who am I kidding. It happened long before the deck, the deck just amplified it when we moved the grill into the kitchen!

I have decided that having children is one big, ongoing lesson in letting go. In this case, I need to let go of the idea that my house will ever be clean again (ha ha) or at least won't be clean when I return from this weekend away. And the things I am doing instead of cleaning are much more important. Besides, I can always dream about house elves stopping by to work their magic...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Preview Day

I think the Huz and I got a small taste of what is in store of us. A glimpse of what is to come. A sneak preview of the terrible twos. 

Punky definitely has an independent streak. One in which SHE wants to choose which shoes she wears. And then take them off in the car. One in which she wants to take the pasta out of the lazy Susan even though she's been told three times to leave it alone. My little ODD (that's oppositional defiant disorder for you lay persons) wannabe looked me right in the eyes and said, "No!" when I told her to sit down in the couch. The same little girl who said yes she did need her diaper changed and the  proceeded to run away. 

Not to mention the "I'll do it myself" attitude when it comes to going up and down stairs, or putting on sunscreen.

And Miss I'm-getting-too-big-for-my-britches decided she's old enough to climb the ladder on the playset without a grown up standing by....

Miss I'll-talk-about-the-potty-all-day-but-I-won't-actually-GO-on-it. And I will ask for a "treat" after dinner, even if I didn't eat my dinner.

We just hit 19 months- and I hear sometimes three is worse than two. It's going to be a long couple years...

Looking all cute and innocent!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Working Mom

I'm having one of those days. Well, I guess since it isn't even 7:00 am, I should say one of those weeks. But it is only Tuesday, perhaps one of those months is more accurate. What do I mean, you ask. I will tell you.

I started a new job in February. And it is a good job. Provides a steady, predictable income for my family. And, when the Huz decided to change jobs himself last month, my job provided (for the first time in my career!) the health benefits for my family. The people I work with are nice and we get along. However, the job is stressful to me. Definitely a faster pace than I am used to, more procedures, protocols, paperwork, and deadlines. A social work job versus what I was used to in a counselor role.

And I find myself overwhelmed. I can't leave work at work as easily as I used to. My next deadline is never far from my thoughts. And then I feel what I guess is best described as a mix of guilt and envy. Guilt that I am working 40+ hours per week (usually the +). Guilt that when I get home there's typically only time for dinner, bath, bed. Guilty that I don't really have energy for more than that even if there was time. Guilt that my girl isn't feeling good and she has to not feel good for another couple of days until I can try to squeeze a doctor appointment into my schedule. And the  the envy. Envy of those mothers who do get to stay home more (I'm not even wanting to be a full-time stay at home mom, just a part time stay at home mom. Which I never thought I would want). Envy of the families who either make more or have somehow been smarter with their money than we have so they can stay home more. Or maybe I was just spoiled that first year, having a mid-week day off. Or maybe it was more okay because she was home with daddy a couple of days and now she spends 5 days a week with the sitter. 

I want to go to the zoo and the pool and story time without the weekend crowds. I want to curl up with my Punky on the couch and snuggle when she doesn't feel good. And get her into the doctor the first chance possible, not when more feasible with my schedule. I want to do all those crafts I pinned in Pinterest! And I know this is not in the cards right now.

The plight of the working mother.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Fun on a Saturday?

I believe I missed last week, but I am on it this week! Hilary at Feeling Beachie list four statements each with that contain a blank for you to fill in on your own blog. Hilary LOVES to have people co-host the blog hop (just email her), and this week my Auntie at It's Just Life co-hosted by providing the last statement.

This week's statements:
1. Sometimes I wonder if I should ____ but I know I won't...
2. ____ is my favorite flavor of ____
3. The thing I remember most vividly about ____ is ____
4. When I am honest about it, I really _____

My answers:
1. Sometimes I wonder if I should get up earlier so I can exercise but I know I won't...

2. Bland is my favorite flavor of food.

3. The thing I remember most vividly about yesterday is the craziness.

4. When I am honest about it, I really do need to figure out what's going on with my body.