Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Permission to let go

Over the last few days I have been reorganizing at la casa de Morris. Occasionally I get on these kicks. Well, this time the project is the loft area. Now, mind you, I do my reorganizing based on things I already have at home as much as possible so I am not spending our precious, hard earned, stretched to the limits money.

Anyway. I decided it was time to turn the loft into something more fun and functional. Punky (and any future kids) and I will share the space. 

I cleaned all the medicine and towels and things out of the closet and moved them to the master bedroom closet. Makes more sense anyway as I can put a lock in our closet door to keep kids out of candy-colored medicines and I could not on the loft closet...

Then I moved my books into the loft closet (and ran out of space!) to empty the cubby shelves for kid books and toys and games. I already made a reading nook for the Punkster in the loft, so this was a logical next step. 

As I was relocating my books, I purged a few to the donation pile. It was hard! And sad! And, I won't lie, I may still go home and pull them back out of the pile. But I finally gave myself a reality check- some of those books that have been sitting on my shelf for years, I mean, really, truly, am I ever going to read them? I am sure there is great stuff in them. But I picked them up for free or dirt cheap, so they couldn't have been that fantastic or the previous owner would have kept them, right? I gave myself permission to give up on reading them. Permission to clear out my bookshelf space that is already overflowing to make room for books I really will read. And while part of me feels I have failed another part of me is relieved to not have them hanging over my head anymore. It feels good. And bad. And sad. But mostly good.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Survived the week!

Each week, Feeling Beachie lists four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. This week’s co-host is Donetta from My Constant Thought – she came up with the last two statements!

This week’s statements:
1) Sometimes I feel like there is so _____ and that I will never _____.
2) I never tire of _____
3) I love the charity ___ because it strives to ____
4) My dream job would be ____ because I’d get to _____

My answers:
1) Sometimes I feel like there is so much 'yuck' in the world and that I will never accomplish enough good to counteract it.
2) I never tire of a good book.
3 I love the charity Autism Speaks because it strives to help those touched by ASD.
4) My dream job would be going back to private practice counseling because I'd get to do what I spent a bajillion dollars educating myself to do!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Do Over

It's official. I am asking for a do over for this week! Thursday late afternoon as I was running late to my last home visit of the day I got the call that no one wants. The "the-car-broke-down-and-I'm-stuck-by-the-side-of-the-road" call. So I cancelled the visit I was already late for and zipped across town to get my child from the sitter and then zipped back across town to pick up my stranded Huz.

Friday was relatively quiet, no news about the car. Saturday was date day for our anniversary. And Sunday we enjoyed some time at the campground with the parentals.

Then Monday happened. Babysitter overslept and I was nearly late for work. Then I hear some rumors flying around about said babysitter. Most of which I do not believe. An update on the car- going to be more than anticipated to repair. Finish up my work day and race across town to get my Punky and then my Huz and off we go to the bank. There it actually went smoothly. No issue with refinancing the loan to cover the cost of the repairs. A few extra dollars a month on the payment and an extra year and a half of payments, but no (additional) credit card debt. That night Punky decides she doesn't want to sleep. She finally settles down at 11...*YAWN!*

Tuesday. Stress and lack of sleep equal not feeling so hot in the morning. But off to work. Oh last minute schedule change because a kid gets to start visitation with his bio parent at the same time I am scheduled to meet with him at his foster home. Okay, a trip to the agency instead of the home. I can adapt. And help another of my foster parents who is picking up new foster kids just as I happen to walk in. Only nobody seems to know there are kids there waiting for a foster home. I help get that straightened out, but now I am running late again. Weave my way (safely) through traffic to pick up my child. This one car thing bites as I have to do all drop off and pick up duties.

Wednesday. Arrive at sitter's. More drama. Messy divorce. Ugliness. Not good. Go to work. Leave after a meeting to pick up Punky from a friend that the babysitter dropped her off with as she had emergency business to deal with regarding the aforementioned drama. Punky not at friend's yet. Friend's mother arrives. Friend's mother leaves and returns with friend's child and Punky. Take Punky home and put her down for a late nap. Begin work at home time.

The bright spot in this do over of a week was the completely unexpected care package from my Auntie! And even though 99% was for Punky, it still made my day and possibly my week!

Clothes, books, snacks, glow-in-the-dark toys, stickers, etc.! A fantastic little pick-me-up.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Fill in Fun

Every Friday, Feeling Beachie posts four statements with blanks in them for you to complete on your own blog. This week’s co-host is Rachael from Print and Stitch – she came up with the last two statements!

This week’s statements:
1) I hate when I _____
2) I sometimes long for _____
3) Thinking about ___ always makes me ____
4) My favorite day of this week so far was ___ because____

My answers:
1) I hate when I wake up an hour before my alarm and can't go back to sleep.
2) I sometimes long for more time at home.
3) Thinking about summer always makes me want to go to Lakeside.
4) My favorite day of this week so far was Wednesday because I got to take my kid to the zoo!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Today was a zoo day. Punky and I met up with Gramma and Grandpop and went to the zoo. It was a good day, Punky now knows to look for animals in the exhibits and can handle walking and riding through the expansive layout. She even touched a snake! (Uncle Thomas should be proud!) She finally crashed on the way home, but woke up promptly when I turned onto our street. I am hopeful that some rocking and cuddling with her new penguin will help her settle back down and get a more normal length nap....

The only bad thing, aside from the abbreviated nap, is that it makes me wish I could do mid-week fun stuff more often. I long to be home, even just one day during the week, to take her places like the zoo and story time at the library and COSI... Without having to take a vacation day to do it.  

Funny how motherhood changes your priorities...

Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Fill-In Fun

I missed last week. Oops.

Each week, Feeling Beachie posts four statements with a blank to fill in on your own blog. You can email her suggestions and be a co-host for the week. This week's co-host is from Purrfectly Pickles!

This week’s statements:
1) I always _____ texts

2) A love to fall asleep when ____
3) My dream pet would be a ________ named ________.
4) I love _______ more than chocolate. (Or ice cream!!)

My answers:
1) I always read and eventually respond to texts.
2) I love to fall asleep when it is raining gently.
3 My dream pet would be a Great Dane named Jupiter.
4) I love lots of things more than chocolate (or ice cream) since I can no longer tolerate eating either.