Monday, April 30, 2012

Goodnight Harper

The time has come
When dinner is done,
Our day is over
We've had our fun.

We take a bath
Get clean underwear,
Brush our teeth
And brush our hair.

Climb into bed
Grab our teddy bears,
Read our stories
Say our prayers.

Upon your cheeks
We place a kiss,
Say goodnight
To our Little Miss.

Sweet dreams to you
All night long,
Rest your head
Until morning's song.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time Flies

Hard to believe that Mini Muffin is only a few weeks away from being a whole half year old. Can it really have been that long ago that I was lugging her around inside my massive belly?

Motherhood amnesia is definitely setting in because, although I'm still up during the night with Mini most nights, I am already forgetting how exhaustingly difficult those first few weeks were when she was only awake 2-3 hours a day: from 11pm to 2am. In my head, I remember this happened, but my body has forgotten the feeling of utter exhaustion and helplessness as we cried together because she wasn't sleeping. But we got through that and moved on to better days.

Baby girl is now going to bed at a reasonable hour- I usually even have time to read a chapter or two before I turn in for the night. And she sleeps for a good chunk of the night. Little Miss Independent is trying to hold her own bottle and can get a spoon into her mouth if I put the spoon in her hand. She rolls over and looks around to see if anyone was watching; she has a huge smile when we cheer for her. Occasionally she giggles at us and frequently gives us her drooly, toothless (but not for much longer) grin.

Tater Tot loves to stand and look around. She already watches too much TV. We took her swimming the other day. She wasn't a huge fan, but the water was a little chilly. Hopefully, she finds swimming more appealing on vacation this summer...

Pretty soon Small Fry is going to experience food on her spoon. Hmmm, will she take after her mom or her dad with her taste buds?

She baby box just has stuff tossed in it, but not organized, labelled, or decorated. Maybe we'll work on that together when she's older...Which will be here before I know it.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Private Eyes

Just finished reading a book the huz got me for my birthday. I've been reading the Alex Delaware series off and on for years. Decided it was time to actually read them in order. Got a couple on my Nook, then the huz bought me the next four in the series for my special day- even though I literally have a shelf of 30 books waiting to be read! Guess he does live me!!
Anyway, I just finished #6 in the series: Private Eyes (and yes, every time I read the title the song starts playing in my head...) by Jonathan Kellerman. If you don't know anything about the series, Delaware is a child psychologist who consults with the police to solve various crimes. We all know I love a good psychological thriller! I recommend it. But you don't have to take my word for it (yes, I totally referenced Reading Rainbow there!)