Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Letters to Harper

I am not entirely sure why I started this or where the I got the idea, but when the huz and I started trying for a baby I started writing letters to the child. I plan to give her the letters when she's older. And hopefully I can continue writing them (or typing them or emailing them or blogging them or whatever form they end up taking [I'm envisioning a book...]) throughout her life.
Here is the letter from last night:

Dear Harper,
Guess what?! You gave me your first real smiles today! You've been smirking and giving half smiles here and there, but today they were real smiles!
I was wiping your mouth, talking to you and you smiled. So I kept making silly sounds and dabbing at your cheeks and smiling at you. And you kept smiling back! It almost looked like you wanted to laugh! It made ME laugh! I called Daddy over to make sure he saw you too. Can't wait to see that beautiful smile again!
Love you.