Thursday, November 15, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 15

I am thankful for quiet moments in the midst of the chaos of life.

My Punky is still not 100%. The croup-y cough disappeared, but a regular cough remained. Now that regular cough is sounding worse. Punky's been up at night coughing. She's off her normal nap routine. Her appetite is off....After only taking one nap yesterday, I had a cranky babe on my hands come evening. She did what she rarely does anymore- fell asleep in my arms. Finally resting, I lingered a moment before putting her in her crib. With so much on the to-do list it would have been easy to miss this moment, to rush through bedtime and on to the next thing. But, this time at least, I was able to stop and bask in the incredible miracle that is my daughter. My child who will have her first birthday in five days. The days of her falling asleep in my arms are numbered and will run out before I know it. So when you come to celebrate with us this weekend, the house may not be as clean as it should be. The decorations might not be up. The food might not be ready on time. I was busy enjoying the quiet moments in my chaos.

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  1. You've got the right attitude. No one can understand it quite like a mom----my boys don't fall asleep in my arms anymore :-) but it does not mean tha t I am not totally excited about spending time with them starting Saturday!!! Love the picture, by the way, and will be thinking about you guys as you celebrate the big number 1!!!