Sunday, December 9, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 23

23. Something I miss.

There are lots of things I miss, but I'm not sure I would really want them back given the chance. I miss the simplicity of childhood, but love being a mother. I miss my first car, the death trap on wheels, but feel much safer in what I drive now. I miss camp, but could I go back to peanut butter and jelly everyday? (Okay, that one is a little weak. I know things are different now, and part of what made it so great were the other people there at the time.)I miss being in school and do want to further my education, but am so over dorm rooms! I miss not having to make sure every last scrap of food is put away, but endlessly entertained by my devil cats. I miss having a nice amount in my savings account, but I have a house (with deck), car, child.

It seems to me that we aren't meant to have everything forever and that's what makes those things special.

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