Saturday, December 1, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 18

Back to the 30 day challenge with random blog post prompts.

18. A problem I've had.

I'm having a "problem" with this prompt. Is it a problem I am having now? A problem from the past that has been resolved? What do you want from me?!

How do I choose just one problem? Which one do I feel I can share with the World Wide Web? (Huh, apparently autocorrect thinks World Wide Web should be capitalized. Who knew!)

Okay, how about this one. For many years I have had a problem with sleeping. Insomnia, I suppose would not be inaccurate. An intermittent problem, as at times I sleep well. It seems to be getting better with age...and parenthood. Sometimes I simply cannot "turn it off" and go to sleep. Other times I fall into dreamland with ease only to wake up every hour or so. And then there are the times I sleep like a log until oh, say 4:30am and cannot go back to sleep.

I've tried lots of "sure fire" sleep remedies. Exercise, but not before bed. Don't eat before bed, but don't go to bed hungry. Lavender. Melatonin. Yadda yadda yadda.

I don't want to say nothing works. But I haven't found my magic cure yet. It's manageable. I might have several bad nights, but then I get several good nights. And the bad nights are getting fewer and farther between. Maybe when we finally spring for a new mattress (get it? Spring? Mattress?) that will take care of those remaining few bad nights...

A girl can dream...


  1. my question is this: how tired are you? THEN you realize if it is a problem or not. after stroke12(yep. there should be shirts) i find myself at least once or twice a month where i am up til 4 or i just don't sleep til the next nite. :D then again... i am part cat/bat/spider/bad.

    1. Most of the time, I'm not "that" tired. But after a string of bad nights I'm pretty wiped out...I am definitely NOT part cat/bat/spider!