Sunday, December 2, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 19

19. Five items I lust after.

1. Four door Jeep Wrangler.
2. The perfect purse. The one that is big enough without being too big. Dressy/professional enough for work, but casual enough for everyday life. Has lots of pockets and closes completely at the top. And is incredibly durable, inside and out- handles/straps included. Someday I will find this purse. Until then I will keep trying impostors and donating them to goodwill when they fail to meet my expectations. Oh, did I mention it has to be reasonably priced, cause I hate spending money in handbags that never seem to please.
3. Books. Lots of books.
4. A room devoted to all those books with soft lighting, warm blankets, and comfy seating.
5. Comfortable shoes.

Lame. I know. I don't need much when it comes to material things.

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