Thursday, December 27, 2012

A little post about guilt

I read a Facebook post today about Pinterest and feeling guilty as mothers and yadda yadda. And had a brief conversation at work about having time to do things (after looking at elaborately beautiful homes and decorations in a magazine).

It made me think.

There are so many things I would love to do- for my house, my huz, my Punky, my family and friends. I think about all the things my parents did for my brother and I when we were little.

I don't think I have the guilt factor like this woman whose post I read. Well, maybe a tad. I don't sing silly songs with my daughter everyday. We don't talk about the weather and what day of the week it is. She got some cool markers in her stocking- and we haven't used them yet. I sent Christmas post cards, pre-typed, not hand-written cards with a lovely letter reflecting on the year and a professional family portrait. That just wasn't happening this year. No way. No how.

And I think I'm pretty much okay with that. I give Punky plenty of hugs and kisses. We try to read a bedtime story each night. At least I sent some sort of Christmas card. Soon she'll be able to color on her own without my help.

I gave up the bucket and rag and scrubbing the floor on hands and knees. Now I Swiffer wet jet with the kid on my hip. The bathrooms get a quick once over with Clorox wipes. And after the kid is in bed- I read or watch tv with the huz instead of unloading the dishwasher. It keeps me sane. And I don't feel guilty. When I don't take my "me time" and "us time" that's when I get stressed out and frustrated and feel guilty that I can't do it all. So a half hour of yoga a couple times a week to keep the grouchies away it is.

And I try to chase the guilt away, knowing in the long run, I am doing more for my family by doing less.


  1. "gave up the bucket and rag" not, "have up the bucket and tag," correct? I was a little confused for a moment...

    And, I think you have the balancing act down just fine. We can help each other out in the chasing away the guilts department... we can only do the best we can do, and be thankful we have enough sense not to make ourselves sick over what we are unable to accomplish! (and, to know the "warning signs" when we need to take some of that "me time" or take a chance on a melt-down...)

    1. Oops. Fixed the typo. I really need to learn to proofread....