Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Adventure Winds Down

First day here we made a stop at our favorite surf shop (cause we are The surfing type- ha!), Ron Jon's. The huz and I had realized we'd had our current swimwear for a minimum four years (not counting the suit I picked up cheap last year to fit my pregnant belly). It was time for some new trucks and suits. I opted for a swim shirt this time around since the only thing Irish about me is my pasty white skin. And I wore that shirt all week. Until yesterday. I thought it was time for a clean suit.

I should have known- it was the last day at the beach, sunny as all get out, best weather we had the whole trip. It's always the last day, I get a little less vigilant or something...

We were only out a couple of hours. And I used sunscreen- twice! But I still got burnt. My shoulders are toasted just enough to be uncomfortable. I imagine the burn on my back will become apparent when we pile into the car for the trek home. Ugh! I've been trying not to think about that, but the morning has arrived. We will likely be heading out in about an hour. I do not expect the daytime trip to be as easy on the hostages, I mean kids, as the nighttime journey. And therefore will be more difficult for the adults. And will likely take longer, involving more frequent, longer stops... But this time tomorrow I should be waking up in my own bed, begging the huz to slather more aloe on my back before I trudge off to feed Punky.

Goodbye ocean sunrise, I'll miss you.


  1. you made me all teary-eyed! I'm SO glad you got to spend some time away, just relaxing and re-charging! See you tomorrow!!!

  2. So glad you had a great trip even though the burn came always sneaks up on you! Harper's first trip to the beach out of utero was a memorable one I am sure!!! I am hitting the beach for a few days in a couple of weeks and I will say hello for you!!! Safe travels!

    1. We did have fun- be sure to view the pictures on Facebook for evidence!