Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bionic Woman

I think my body is confused. If I remember correctly, six months ago I turned 30. Maybe I haven't yet figured out what 30 is supposed to "feel" like, but in my head I'm still around 18. My body however seems to be aging at a much different rate. I think my body thinks I'm 60. Bum knee since high school, outta whack thyroid for a year and a half (I'm really tired of seeing the doctor every three month while we try to get it straightened out), added IBS to the list almost six months ago. And now *drum roll please* I "get" to take muscle relaxers for my back.

I've been complaining for, oh 3 years, that we need to replace our mattress because I wake up and my back hurts. But, as happens in life, other things have usurped the mattress money and a new mattress remains on my wishlist. It was periodic stiffness and achy-ness, that a hot shower and some moving around typically took care of- and I found my back bothered me less when I was consistently doing yoga. Hmmm, ok, I can handle this! Add Miss Punky to the mix. Carrying a nearly 20 pound kid around (plus infant carrier) couldn't be good. And forget about yoga, I'll use my "free" time to shower! Still sleeping on that old mattress...I'd sleep great- until halfway through the night when I started the tossing and turning to find a comfortable position, one where my back didn't hurt. Come morning, nearly every day, when my cute little alarm clock would go off, the stiffness would be with me.

Since I was going to the doctor to get robbed of more blood anyway, I decided maybe, just maybe, it was time to talk about my back...hence the muscle relaxers. And I'm not sure how this is going to work, since I generally am the one on nocturnal baby duty, and am certainly the one on early morning baby duty. Not to mention I need to work and drive... This could get interesting...

Although I do not, yet, have any mechanical parts, at the rate I'm going, I will be have machine by the time I actually am 60!

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