Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I love my NOOK. And I love the NOOK app on my phone. Because I forgot my NOOK today and wanted to read on my lunch break. I read two books during my 1/2 hour break. Yep, TWO! But they don't really count because they were NOOK freebies and there really was nothing of substance to them. Cupcake by Clarosa Kopacki said it was 4 pages long. I saw one page, plus the cover. The Girl in the Converse Shoes was slightly longer and more entertaining, but there wasn't even enough to it to call it fluff! But it helped me pass the time in the sunshine at lunch today so it wasn't a complete waste. And now I can clear them off my virtual shelf. They are NOOK lend_me books if you want to check them out...

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