Sunday, July 14, 2013

Making memories

Today the Huz and I took Punky to one of our local metro parks. It was hot and sunny and she didn't really like walking on the grassy trail- so we carried all 25 pounds of her on a short trail. I think we confused her though, so I can't blame her for pooping out on us after walking for a few minutes. We told her we were going to the park- which was true- but she heard "playground." After we finished the short loop, we found a playground to appease the Punk. Of course the slides were unbearably hot, but the swings were in the shade.

While she is too young to remember this experience, we did take a few pictures. And I hope we are beginning to lay the foundation for a love of the great outdoors. Both the Huz and I have a fondness for outside time and activities (not that we don't also love TV night...).  And with biologists in the family, I feel it only right to explore with her to see if she will be the next one stepping into hip waders to survey fish. 

I'd still like to take her camping, but I don't think the Huz is ready for that adventure yet and I certainly have no intention of playing single parent on a camping trip with a toddler. Not. Going. To. Happen. We'll need all our eyes and hands to keep her occupied and safe. Perhaps next summer...


  1. When we took you and Thomas camping (at 3 months, and 2+ years) we had friends say WHAATTT??!!!) And when we took you to Disney World as toddlers, we had friends say, oh we're waiting till our kids are older. Well, guess what--even if you guys don't remember those experiences, we had wonderful family time--and those early childhood camping experiences, even though they may not have been the easiest things to organize and orchestrate, were wonderful. I wouldn't change a thing! (well, except maybe the time the camper wouldn't crank up when we were ALL hot and tired...)

  2. You are making memories and it is such a great thing even if Harper was a little confused about the whole "park" thing!!! She will get it and figure it out and at least you found a playground.
    We didn't camp with the boys but we did plenty of things that folks thought we were crazy for trying --but you know what? It was all good! Anytime you do something as a family you can turn it into an adventure and it makes memories! Harper is so blessed to have you and Christopher as her parents!!!