Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Boy from Down the Street

Sounds like the title of a trashy romance novel or something...

As some of you know, my great many followers of three people, I have been writing letters to Punky since before she was born.  Most are just to check in, let her know I love her. But every once in a while we have a good teaching moment to reflect upon...(nicknames are used to protect the innocent, though nobody's identity is really protected!)

July 23, 2013
My Dear Punky,
I think you are experiencing your first crush and heartbreak. Last evening after dinner, we were hanging out with Gramma and Granpop for a little bit longer before they had to go home. The doorbell rang. Daddy went to see who it was. You thought it was The Boy From Down The Street coming to see you, but it wasn't. You were SO upset! We actually called The Boy From Down The Street's parents to see if he could come over for a little bit (don't think that will work when you are older, young lady!). And then when it was time for The Boy From Down The Street to go home and for you to go to bed, you got upset all over again. You like The Boy From Down The Street a lot right now. I am happy that you have made friends with him and that he enjoys your company too, he's always excited to see you. Daddy tried to console you and put you to bed, but you needed your Mommy. A girl needs a girl when her heart is hurting. As much as I hope it never happens, I know someday you will experience heartbreak again. And I hope I recognize that even if you are "just a kid" that the pain and sorrow is real for you. I hope I am able to comfort you then just as I did last night. But know this, my sweet daughter, you will get through it and be stronger for it. Heartbreak is an unfortunate part of life. Things end. Friendships. Relationships. Lives. Your family will always be here to help you through the tough times. Always.
Love you!


  1. Sweet sweet sweet!!!! Very wise words--family will ALWAYS be there! Always. Hopefully the Boy Down the Street was not the same one that left shorts and a diaper in your back yard earlier this summer........ :-)