Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Morning Blahs

Here I sit in the wee hours of the morning, wake but not quite ready to face the day. I showered and then climbed back into bed, something I almost never do. I won't sleep, I'm not really even under the covers. I'm just not ready to go downstairs and wake my parents (henceforth known as the Rents). See, our babysitter requested the day off and the Rents agreed to watch Punky for the day so they crashed on our couch last night (sorry, no guest room at this time). I tend to rise early to avoid the hot water for the shower conflict. I. Hate. Cold. Showers. I get up, get in, get ready. By the time the Huz straggles in, the hot water heater has done its job- at least I assume, he's never complained about me hogging the heat. Typically I then go about my day. There's a hungry cat to feed and lunches to make and then the Punk herself gets up. 

This morning, the cat is oddly quiet. Could it be the Rents' dog is keeping the insistent, persistent mewing to a minimum? So back in bed for a few minutes it is. I'll have to wait the Rents soon enough. And trust me soon enough is early enough on their day off. Not to mention, the Punkster will keep them running all day! 

While I would like to still be sleeping- oh to sleep in! I realize this is just not my lot in life right now. I must tear myself away from my nice warm, comfy bed and begin my day. Begin what it likely to be an impossibly long week. 

I already know some of the craziness ahead- when you have reviews for two kids scheduled at the same time, on the same day, at the same location that gives you a clue... 

Oh, there's the kitty. Well, I got an extra 10 minutes of chill time I don't normally enjoy.
See you Friday for some fun, if I make it through!


  1. Will be thinking about you this week--sounds like a busy crazy one but YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It is going to be insanely busy...