Thursday, January 3, 2013


I am currently sitting in bed, one cat at my feet, the other curled up in the basket of clean laundry. And at this point I don't even care! Being tired will do that to you. There are more important things.

My Punky had a bad night. A really bad night. She's generally a well-behaved, good-natured, easy going kid. But she's got a cold. And got her flu shot on top of that. She's not been napping well the last few days. She's just not herself. Last night we were up for two hours, slept for a half hour and were up again for another half hour before zonking out and sleeping later into the morning than ever. Too bad dad had to leave for work at his normal time and mom couldn't fall back asleep before she needed to be up for work...

More than the sleepless nights, it is difficult to know she doesn't feel well and also know there is really nothing I can do for her. She's a good kid, she doesn't mean to keep her parents up at night (that won't happen for a few more years!). She's the girl who giggles when you chase her. She's the girl who looks to see who is watching when she figures out something new. She's the girl who smiles every time she sees the kitties. Not the girl who fusses when she bumps into something...

I hope my tough cookie is back to normal soon.

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