Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Adventure Begins

Aside from almost falling out the window, the voyage to the beach was relatively uneventful. We set out approximately bedtime and the kiddos drifted off pretty quickly in their carseats way in the back of our rocking rental minivan. The moms attempted to get comfortable in the middle seats, surrounded by diaper bags and snacks for the road, the menfolk taking on the driver and navigator roles.

We tried all sorts of ways of getting comfortable: reclining as much as the carseats behind us would allow; stretched out with my feet on her seat and her feet on my seat; leaning against the windows (which worked the best for me- until someone wanting a breath of fresh air opened the wrong window...); curling up between the carseats and stretching out over the diaper bags. We just couldn't get comfortable enough to really be able to catch much sleep. But we arrived, safe and sound- if a little tired. And managed to get an early early check-in, hours before the scheduled early check-in.

Eventually we managed to find the correct grocery store to pick up our already ordered groceries and have a late (really late) lunch. After which Punky and the daddies took naps. Little Man was not a fan of naptime so he and his mommy hit the pool while I did some for-fun reading!

By this time it was dinner time and bedtime was soon to follow. Punky didn't get the "you sleep in on vacation" memo, but I'm used to being the first one up when traveling...

Beach yogis
Harper looks at the morning ocean

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  1. Glad you are there!!!! The last pic is my fav!!!!