Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pokemon, Presents, and Packing

I like alliteration. And being able to throw the word alliteration into a conversation. Yes, I am aware of the increasing level of my dorkiness, which is only going to further increase when I admit that I searched for, ordered, and "read" the "Amazing Pokemon Guidebook." Not really much reading involved, mostly pictures and Pokemon puzzles. Why on earth would I purchase a book on Pokemon [I swear I only paid $0.01 for the book (plus $3.99 for shipping and handling)], especially when I give the huz such a hard time about his Magic habit? Research of course! I have a couple of young clients who are really into Pokemon (I had NO idea Pokemon was still popular!) and seeing as how I knew absolutely NOTHING about Pokemon, I decided to educate myself. And I thought one cent was an excellent price for my education!
Pokemon fact #1: Mudkip becomes Marshtomp becomes Swampert (if I am understanding correctly).
Pokemon fact #2: Seedot like to look good and polishes its body everyday, using leaves.
Pokemon fact #3: For the Kadabra, a spoon is apparently a power-boosting utensil.
Pokemon fact #4: I think Horsea is kinda cute (okay, that's not really a fact!).

I am not counting this as one of my 10 books...

On a completely unrelated note, this Friday will be my 5th wedding anniversary. The huz and I have been largely unromantic on past anniversaries. We agreed that we would do our best to always spend it together, but we weren't going to get into giving gifts- except for the "bigger" ones. The 5th marks the first "big one." I was so proud when I thought of a gift for the huz without too much difficulty. He tends to be somewhat troublesome to purchase presents for. And I am even more proud to announce that, although it was close a couple times, he has not managed to weasel his way into getting this gift early! Barring nothing happening in the next three days I will have successfully made him wait until the actual celebration day to open his gift. This is the man who got his Father's Day present in April. Got his 2010 Christmas present in September! He almost got me a couple of times, unknowingly talking about something related to what I had picked out for him and I thought I was going to have to give it to him to keep him from purchasing something himself. But so far, I have lucked out!

I even remember where I packed it away. And will be sure the huz packs it when we go on our upcoming trip that we have not yet begun to pack for (remember, I am the one who packs weeks in advance...). I'm getting itchy just thinking about the fact that I haven't even made a packing list yet...

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