Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Picture of Innocence

I was awake at 5:00 am today with Punky. Poor girl just can't stay comfortable all night right now, those darn teeth! It struck me this morning as she snuggled against me, head on my shoulder, thumb in mouth, drifting back to dreamland, that she is the picture of innocence. Right now. Nothing has tainted her, corrupted her, robbed her of her innocence. No one has hurt her, broken her heart or her spirit. She doesn't have bad self-esteem or body image issues. She doesn't hate her mother (at least not yet!). She couldn't possibly disappoint a soul. She is pure and innocent.

I lingered with her in my arms this morning. Knowing I needed to catch a few more zzzz before my workday began. But I lingered, longing to absorb her peaceful presence, her calm innocence a little longer. The moments when she snuggles against me are already becoming few and far between. My little go-getter is an independent one for sure! Already is is 9 months old. It happened in a blink. Tomorrow I will turn around and she'll be 13, next week- 30. It saddened me a little, to realize how quickly it is going. And it saddened me to know she will one day lose this innocence. I hope I can instill in her a good sense of self, a confidence that no one and no thing can take from her. I hope that I can be an example to her of how to dream and achieve whatever she wishes. I hope I can show her what unconditional love feels like. I hope she can find a way to retain some of her innocence throughout her life.


  1. You are an excellent mother and I know Punkly Luv Baby Muffin is super lucky to have a mother that recognizes the importance of all the things you have outlined.

  2. Thank Kerrie! I appreciate the vote of confidence!