Thursday, August 16, 2012


I fell a little behind in my daily devotional. And had been having quite the afternoon at work- one of those days where I didn't have to arrive until mid-afternoon, but from the moment I got in I felt as though I would have been much better off staying home. I needed to get my head on straight before my one measly client for the day. I pulled out the devotional book and read yesterday's devotion...

I am the God of all time and all that is. Seek Me not only in the morning quietness but consistently throughout the day. Do not let unexpected problems distract you from My Presence. Instead, talk with Me about everything, and watch confidently to see what I will do.
Adversity need not interrupt your communion with Me. When things go "wrong," you tend to react as if you're being punished. Instead of this negative response, try to view difficulties as blessings in disguise. Make Me your Refuge by pouring out your heart to Me, trusting in Me at all times. (Jesus Calling by Sarah Young)

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