Friday, February 25, 2011

My new home

I'm sure this is true for others, but nothing is ever easy in my life. I typically count on having to do things at least twice before it's right. Like when my husband and I went to buy a new tv- we actually bought four (yes, FOUR) before we got one that worked properly. New dining room table- two. Even our first apartment needed replaced (but two years of drama at Brooksedge is another blog). The pattern holds for our house hunting saga. But I found this little gem while keeping my eyes on real estate in the area. I think we've definitely found a winner here!

Not really. And that's not the worst of the pictures I've seen. Our active house-hunting should resume (pending any other strokes of misfortune) in the future (not necessarily the near future, but the foreseeable future. Perhaps round 2, when it begins, will be more promising.

And hopefully, the Morris luck does not apply to other members of the family (yes, Sister, I did see your news. Congrats and good luck!)


  1. I don't know, Carla. I think you and Christopher might be a tad too picky. I mean you guys are handy!!! Haha! That was pretty sad looking. Hang in there!!!

  2. I think that with some elbow grease, you could really turn this place around. You first need some windows is Ohio.

  3. Elbow grease, yeh!! That's it!! Ask your Auntie Beth about elbow grease!!!