Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welcome to CJam's Random Ramblings

I finally did it. I started a blog. I have been contemplating blogging for some time now and just couldn't quite get my act together. What would I blog about? How often would I blog? What if my blog sucks!? The answers: whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like, and who cares. For an aspiring writer, writing something is better than writing nothing, right?

So here you are, my blog, in all its glory. Feel free to suggest topics, leave comments or questions, or ignore it completely.

I know, I'm off to a great start with this super-exciting introductory blog. Hmm, let's see if we can spice this up a bit...what to write...what to write...Nope. I got nothing. The pressure of writing a blog is getting to me and it's only day one!

I could go with the obvious, but I really am not in the mood to complain about the weather. Besides, I've mentally been at the beach since December. Ooh, the beach. Can you feel that nice, warm sunshine and feel the sand between your toes? The waves are the only soundtrack I need! Mmmm, that's good lemonade I'm sipping. I think I'll see what trashy novels I have on my NOOK to entertain me while I'm marinating...


  1. OK, so if YOU are blogging now, I guess that means I will have to blog more often... I have a blog on the church website, which I try to contribute to at least once a week (but often fail), and a personal blog, which I haven't written on for months.... maybe I can just use yours as a blog-prompt--to stimulate my creative juices. Maybe.

    Anyway, good luck! And, from others I've read, it really doesn't matter what you write about! Whatever.(and, the name is appropriate--you can just plain ramble!)

  2. YAYYYYY!!! You have a lot to say and a lot of worthwhile things!! Once I get my blog back up and running I will give you a shout out! I have a lot of fun friends who follow me but most of them are in the over 50 crowd so we may not have a lot in common but I have found a great support system out there and I know you will too! You need to plug into some of the "writer's blogs" --I will try to recommend some later!!! Welcome to the blogosphere!

  3. Thank you, thank you! I feel I'm not off to a very good start, but I figure the words will come eventually. Finding the time to blog them is going to be the the challenging part. I'm not sure I can get away with blogging at work every day...