Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When I Grow Up

With only a year to go until I turn 30, I sometimes contemplate that it may be time to let go of my Peter Pan attitude and start acting like a grown up. But then I think about how dull my Facebook pictures would be and I push those silly thoughts aside. Let's face it, if I managed to get a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, a professional counseling license, and get married and none of those things deterred me from wearing my hair in pigtails and trying on every crazy hat I see, I don't think anything will!

It's not that I have an aversion to adulthood, I just don't feel all grown up yet (and I think part of my hopes I never do!). It's good clean fun playing with Bacon B'acon and digging out my coloring books. Yeah, yeah, I'm trying to get all settled in this intense grown up job I have- all the more reason to unleash my inner child when I go home. Sloshing your way through people's mental muck is exhausting, draining, heartbreaking at times (and rewarding, fulfilling, incredible, and did I mention exhausting?). Is it any wonder I sometimes take mental vacations (and wish they were real vacations) or dream about things I like to do in my free time (if I ever have any) like:

1. Turn my amateur bakery into a professional one- oh, but first take a cake decorating class or two
2. Be an author- I do have a book of poetry and a book of autism anecdotes already written. And a novella started...
3. Do research- I used to say frequently "I should do a study on that."
4. Be a photographer- travelling far and wide to take pictures of beaches and mountains and such.
5. Be a beach bum- this is my favorite one to imagine. The smell of salty water, the breeze in my nappy dried ocean-water hair, sun on my skin (which in my fantasy is always golden tan and never the pasty white or sunburn red of reality), ice cold lemonade next to my stack of novels, the sounds of a steel drum band drifting over the waves...

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  1. I think that you are very balanced. The fact that you like your hair in pigtails and wearing funny hats is part of your personality. Growing up does not involve giving up the things that you love; it is striking the balance. As to your list...I am taking a cake decorating class. Maybe we can live that dream together. It would be a great time! And sometimes I wish that I could live on a beach in Aruba. (Sigh...I am there in my mind right now). There are times that I think it would be fun to be a travel agent so I could plan for people all the trips that I would LOVE to take. Miss you Muffin Lips. ;-)