Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Today was a zoo day. Punky and I met up with Gramma and Grandpop and went to the zoo. It was a good day, Punky now knows to look for animals in the exhibits and can handle walking and riding through the expansive layout. She even touched a snake! (Uncle Thomas should be proud!) She finally crashed on the way home, but woke up promptly when I turned onto our street. I am hopeful that some rocking and cuddling with her new penguin will help her settle back down and get a more normal length nap....

The only bad thing, aside from the abbreviated nap, is that it makes me wish I could do mid-week fun stuff more often. I long to be home, even just one day during the week, to take her places like the zoo and story time at the library and COSI... Without having to take a vacation day to do it.  

Funny how motherhood changes your priorities...


  1. I forgot to mention that we didn't see any lions or tigers. And I can't prove we saw bears because I only packed two extra batteries for my camera and not the required four.

  2. I see Punky is still into the temporary tattoos! :-) I must look for some to send her. I am sure you guys had a great day but I totally feel your longing to be home with her more. The good thing is that you make every moment with her count. That is what she will remember. :-)