Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Permission to let go

Over the last few days I have been reorganizing at la casa de Morris. Occasionally I get on these kicks. Well, this time the project is the loft area. Now, mind you, I do my reorganizing based on things I already have at home as much as possible so I am not spending our precious, hard earned, stretched to the limits money.

Anyway. I decided it was time to turn the loft into something more fun and functional. Punky (and any future kids) and I will share the space. 

I cleaned all the medicine and towels and things out of the closet and moved them to the master bedroom closet. Makes more sense anyway as I can put a lock in our closet door to keep kids out of candy-colored medicines and I could not on the loft closet...

Then I moved my books into the loft closet (and ran out of space!) to empty the cubby shelves for kid books and toys and games. I already made a reading nook for the Punkster in the loft, so this was a logical next step. 

As I was relocating my books, I purged a few to the donation pile. It was hard! And sad! And, I won't lie, I may still go home and pull them back out of the pile. But I finally gave myself a reality check- some of those books that have been sitting on my shelf for years, I mean, really, truly, am I ever going to read them? I am sure there is great stuff in them. But I picked them up for free or dirt cheap, so they couldn't have been that fantastic or the previous owner would have kept them, right? I gave myself permission to give up on reading them. Permission to clear out my bookshelf space that is already overflowing to make room for books I really will read. And while part of me feels I have failed another part of me is relieved to not have them hanging over my head anymore. It feels good. And bad. And sad. But mostly good.


  1. You suffer from a typical family affliction --love of books! If you let them go in the wild it will make you feel even better! Check out if you haven't already!!!

    1. Fantastic I just have to brainstorm places to release these guys into the wild...