Monday, June 24, 2013

My how things change

This week I will be preparing for another long weekend road trip with Punky. I think (THINK) the Huz will be coming too... Punky and I will most likely be leaving Thursday evening and the Huz will join us Friday evening. Regardless of the details, I will once again be traveling via car, just the Punkster and myself. At least the journey is half the distance of our previous solo road trips.

As I think about what I need to pack and when in the world I am going to have time to pack the things that need to go along, I also take a look around my surroundings. 


I inherited the clean-before-you-leave-so-you-come-home-to-a-nice-space gene. And the above do not show a clean or clutter-free environment!

As the Huz, champ that he is, worked on the final phase of Project Deck (staining- which I fully intended to help with, but the Punk would not allow) the house became a state of disarray. Oh, who am I kidding. It happened long before the deck, the deck just amplified it when we moved the grill into the kitchen!

I have decided that having children is one big, ongoing lesson in letting go. In this case, I need to let go of the idea that my house will ever be clean again (ha ha) or at least won't be clean when I return from this weekend away. And the things I am doing instead of cleaning are much more important. Besides, I can always dream about house elves stopping by to work their magic...

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