Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Role Playing

The Huz is currently winging his way across the country for some fun in the sun- fun the the great outdoors. The 4th annual guys only fishing trip with his dad and brothers. A much anticipated vacation before he starts his new job next  week. 

However, his being gone leaves me playing a role this week that I hope never becomes a permanent role: single parent. I like having a partner to share the joys and triumphs with, as well as the trials and tribulations. Punky has yet to realize that Daddy isn't coming home tonight. Or tomorrow night. Or the night after. And while she's a bit of a Momma's girl right now, she's bound to be in full on punk mode when she notices he isn't here to give hugs and kisses and tickles.

Of course I work six days this week too, as I have for the last two weeks, which means it'll be even harder to get things done at home. Which is why I am ever so grateful that the Huz went above and beyond what I'd asked him to do before he left. Not only did he do the dishes and move the laundry along, but he vacuumed and cleaned the bathrooms! I guess coming home to a clean house makes being a (temporarily) single parent easier to handle.

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  1. Aw...he is such a sweetie!!! Glad he gets some time away and hope all goes well with you and the wee one on the homefront!