Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday fun time

Time for the Friday Fill In hosted and posted by Check out the four full in the blank statements posted each Friday. This week Pickles from Purrfectly Pickles ( co-hosted the hop by supplying the last two statements.

This week's statements:
1. I can really use ______ right now.
2. I like to _____ my ______.
3. The color of the sky right now is _____.
4. I get annoyed _____ because of ____.

My answers:
1. I can really use a hug right now. (At my old job, one of the other counselors made sure to give everyone a hug every day. I miss her for more than her hugs!)
2. I like to bake my cupcakes from scratch.
3. The color of the sky right now is dolphin gray.
4. I get annoyed while driving because of other drivers being rude.

And there you have it! Simple as one, two, three...four. Join in!

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