Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Surprise! Or maybe not...

So I stole another blog idea. A personality test. I took it with curiousity, and skepticism.

"You Are Organized"

"You are driven by an acute sense of responsibility and conscientiousness. You are a firm believer in pullin gyour own weight. You like rules more than most people. Even if they're a pain to follow, you like to know where the boundaries are.
"You are analytical and cool headed. When confronted with a monumental problem, you're willing to go slow and take one step at a time. Een if you aren't a scientist, you have a lot of respect for the scientific method. You like to test out ideas and theories.
"You appreciate quality, and you have high standards for everything in your life. You always give others credit for a job well done. You have a head for facts. you are very precise and detail oriented. And you can't help but correct people when they are wrong."

And then I took it again, changing just the couple of questions on which I really had a hard time deciding which was more "me."

"You Are Grounded"

"If slow and steady wins the race, then you're going to be crowned grand champion. You are consistently consistent. You pride yourself on being dependable and reliable. You are a rock, and you are especially loyal to your friends and family.
"You're the kind of person who finds it hard to say no to someone in need, and why would you even want to? Helping out gives you a sense of purpose.You do well with a routine and consistency. You find 'boring' to be quite rich and deep. You enjoy perfecting your everyday tasks.
"You are agreeable whenever possible. Disagreeing stresses you out, so you only stand your ground when it's necessary. You are patient and very open to changing your mind. You are always willing to hear someone out, and you are a good mediator."

What do you think? Is either right? Neither? Both?

Find out about your own personality. But remember, you can't believe every quiz you find on the internet. What's your personality?


  1. I too am grounded. Another example of why we are friends.xoxox

    1. I would agree with that analysis! Miss you loads!