Thursday, April 4, 2013

December Dread

Sigh. Once again I have fallen off the blogosphere. Seems I have so little free time these days! This new job definitely keeps me busy, then there is Punky, the huz, the house, chores- oh the laundry! never ending laundry! What little time I do have to myself I spend reading. Or trying to catch up on the DVRed shows! So the blog goes by the wayside. Not that any of my four followers are complaining! No one is pleading for more of my ever enticing and inspiring words. But it keeps me in the practice of writing (someday I will publish!) and is a therapeutic outlet for me.

So what does any of this have to do with the title of today's blog? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

December Dread was the latest installment of the murder-by-month novels I have been working my way through. Are these books literary masterpieces like Shakespeare? Well, no. But when I read non-scholastic material I look for likeable characters and a storyline that I can lose myself in. And Ms. Lourey has done that for me in Battle Lake with Mira and Mrs. Berns. And now I wait the painfully long time until January Thaw hits shelves- it's not even done being written yet! Though I imagine it'll be a little easier to wait for this than it was for the final Harry Potter...

Till then I have another Minnesota based mystery I borrowed on my NOOK and The Harbinger loaned to me by a family member to tackle! Not to mention getting caught up in "What to Expect: The Toddler Years," and finallllllly finishing "The Scarlet Letter" (why can't I get through the last bit?!)


  1. Funny you should mention the lack of posts because I was just going to leave you a comment yesterday that I had missed your posts!!! But I didn't! But I am now. It is hard to balance it all but you are doing a great job and doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing at the moment! No worries. I am so glad you liked Jess's series! I can not wait for January Thaw either!!!

    1. It's nice to know someone is reading and noticed my lack of posts! I am definitely having to reprioritize my life right not necessarily a bad thing! I think I have realized a new dream for "when I grow up!"