Monday, February 25, 2013

Knee high

After a two week hiatus I am back on the reading train. Getting acclimated to a new job has been stressful and left me not wanting to do much of anything in the evenings. I have been doing a lot of reading at work. Policies, profiles, case plans, progress notes, etc. And the latest book I'd downloaded from the library just hadn't grabbed my attention in the first few pages.

But when I received an email from my library saying one of the books I'd placed on hold had become available I decided it was high time to jump back into a good read.

"Knee High by the Fourth of July" was the next in the Murder by Month series by Jess Lourey. I'd read the first two, and now that the third is under my belt, I can officially say I am hooked. And I immediately searched to see if August was available upon completion of July. I need to finish this blog post so I can start reading it during the last few minutes of my lunch break!

In July, I really started to get Mira and feel for her character. I was rooting for her, confident in her sleuthing abilities. This is good stuff!

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  1. I am solo glad you like her books!!! I love them!!! My friend Bernie and her husband Roy are "featured" in the November one as owners of a hardware store! :-)