Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Topsey Turvey

Just seems like the world has gone all wonky lately. Well, maybe just especially wonky of late. I think we've been off kilter for a while now.

You know what I am talking about. Just pull up any news website and you'll find an over abundance of sad, sickening, even sadistic news stories. Not to mention the weather (at least in my part of the world) is simply abnormal it seems. You have to search a little harder for the good news, the positive, the inspiring stories. Maybe we, as society, just thrive on the negative. And what does that say about us?

A friend and I recently discussed all the "stuff" going on in our personal lives that was trying to bring us down. More examples of the screwy world in which we find ourselves. Last night I had to add another incident to the list. I hate to be one of "those" people who makes vague comments, posts, and blogs. However, in order to protect the privacy of the person I care about, I will be vague. We have not spoken about said person's condition an therefore I do not wish to be telling the world of things this person wishes to not share at this time. Regardless, a person I care for immensely is undergoing medical tests after an incident (how's THAT for vague?!). I find myself thinking "I'm not old enough for (fill in the blank) to be happening."

I'm not old enough for my friends/family/parents/children/former babysitees to be experiencing health conditions/graduations/marriage/death.I'm not old enough for this! Then I wonder if I will still be thinking the same thing when I am 50, 70, 90....

Reality check. I AM old enough. It IS happening. Whether I like it or not. And I don't like it. It's not that I'm getting "old," that doesn't bother me. It's all the stuff that is occurring. I don't like it.

I can talk with other people on a daily basis about their lives, but when it happens in mine- when my world gets flipped end for end, I don't feel equipped to handle it. I don't have the life experience necessary to comprehend the upsidedown-ness of my world. I can't make sense of the madness. And then I look at the wider world and see it isn't just my little slice of earth. The craziness is everywhere. And I tread a little more lightly, cut others a little more slack. I don't know how topsey turvey their lives are...


  1. Craziness is everywhere---I totally agree. I had a real big disappointment this morning and my response was ridiculous---when I really should be thinking and focusing on all of the bigger issues out there in the world--the lives that have been forever changed because of violence, etc. all I could think about was "my disappointment". You make a great point that we don't know how topsy turvey someone else's world is.....it all takes a little perspective, huh? Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Indeed, sometimes we forget to look beyond our own noses...