Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sometimes you laugh

And sometimes you cry.
And sometimes you do both.
At the same time.

Just one of those weeks I guess. Nothing monumental, nothing completely disastrous. But not humdrum average either. Or maybe it is...

Monday Punky had her first experience with the dentist. She went with Daddy to his appointment. We got the patio furniture all put together. We got the garage cleaned up enough to get one car in it again. Got the little garbage can area built. So we made progress!

But my body rebelled again, two evenings in a row I dealt with the ever frustrating IBS symptoms. I had a doctor appointment that took three times as long as it should have. The huz got home from work last evening- 3 hours after he should have been home. Oh and at 3:30 in the morning, Punky was all scrunched up at the end of the crib- which meant her sensor pad alarm went off, waking not only the huz and myself, but Punky too. Thankfully, she was still pretty drowsy and went back to sleep quickly. But it's not so easy for mom when that alarm goes off- the heart starts racing. And even though I know chances are good that she's just rolled off the sensor, there is still the fear that I'll find her not breathing when I breech the threshold.

But she wakes in the morning with a bright shiny face, ready for the day. And I look at my schedule to see I've had two cancellations. In the middle I the day, of course, not the beginning or end. Which means I'll have some free time today, but not when I can spend it with my daughter.

And that's how it goes for us.

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  1. You have it pretty well pegged----some days things just don't go as you wish they would go but you are an incredible mommy and you and Christopher are doing such a great job of providing a wonderful home and life for Harper. I am sorry the IBS is not cooperating ----it is one of those horrible diseases with no predictability and that is most likely the hardest part, right? Hang in there and hold on to the moments you have that are those moments you want to freeze in time. Trust me---they will get you through those less than perfect times. HUGS!!! Aunty B