Monday, June 18, 2012


To Lakeside we will go, to Lakeside we will go, hi ho the stuff will go, to Lakeside we will go.

Ahh, Lakeside. It will be Punky's first trip to Lakeside. Still too young to appreciate the beauty of the gross lake and the friendliness of the people- everyone always waves- he he he. Although things have changed. More stop signs, less cars parked on sidewalks, not as many people walking the streets. But those are minor details. She'll get to see the pier where Granpop likes to fish. And the gazebo where Mommy and Daddy got married. And watch Gramma on the big stage. And of course, be fussed over by all sorts of family and friends.

But getting there will be an adventure. Punky and I will be making our second ever overnight journey, solo (poor Daddy has to work). We leave tonight after work. I'm not sure how all the stuff will fit in the car! (Yes, I know we are only going for 2 days. Seven month olds require a lot of things! Lakeside requires a lot of things!) I'm not sure how a three hour car ride is going to go either. But we'll find out. And tonight we'll be in Lakeside!


  1. Lakeside gets in you. There is a calm that washes over. Have tons of fun with "Punky" in your travels. Such an exciting time to see your mom ordained! Call me if you need to on your traveling time.

    1. I agree that there is a calming effect to Lakeside. There's just something about it- the sights, the sounds, even the smells.

  2. CAN NOT WAIT !!!! Be careful---lots of arms here to help unload and hold sweet Harper!! Sure it is going to be fabulous!