Monday, June 11, 2012

Salt, soap, and sandals

Every once in a while I learn something about myself. Today was not one of those days. But I was reminded of three things I previously learned about myself.

1) Salt. I always used to use salt sparingly. Then Mini Muffin started growing. I was tired of eating crackers to deal with my nausea, so I switched to pretzels and boy was that salt amazing! A friend looked at me with amusement as she watched me salt my scrambled eggs- something she'd never seen me do before. Someone told me the salt thing had to do with my screwy thyroid. I blamed pregnancy. Well today I was snacking on pretzels. Unfortunately, it was the end of the bag... You know, where there are only pretzel pieces and lots of loose salt. And that salt was delicious! Hmm, Punky's six months old...maybe there's something to that thyroid theory afterall...

2) Soap. Pet peeve- no soap in the soap dispenser at work- for the fourth day in a row. Wouldn't you think the people who clean twice a day would check the soap dispensers? Apparently not. This is Monday and still no soap in the dispenser that was empty on Friday.

3) Sandals. It's summer. People wear sandals. I wear sandals. But inevitably I pick to wear sandals on a rainy day. Something that irritates me more than empty soap dispensers it's wet pant legs against my skin- because I wore sandals on a rainy day. Eww! See, I have short legs, therefore my pant legs are typically too long and drag on the ground. On rainy days, the wet seeps up, up, up my pant legs, brushing against my bare skin if not protected by socks. I've been known to strip off wet pants immediately upon arriving home. The huz finds my sensory issues highly amusing. Sure, I'll play in the mud. And once I went a whole week without showering (that's a story for another time). But when playtime is over, I want a shower and clean, dry clothes. And wet dress pants at my desk at work- not playtime! You think by now I'd have learned to check the weather before dressing for work in the morning...


  1. Oh Carla how you amuse me...I love reading your "ramblings" and how they cheer me up especially today's, as I no longer feel that I am the only one who has issues with the feeling of wet pant legs and has even bigger issues with empty soap dispensers...I can't stand them either, and I now know that I am not alone :-)

    1. Glad I could bring some brightness to your day. And unite those of us with weird sensory issues and pet peeves!