Friday, June 22, 2012

3 of 10

Just finished book number 3 in my goal to read 10 currently owned books by the end of the year. A while back I had started reading a book on my NOOK- I must have gotten a free download or something. I knew nothing about this book or author, so I can't imagine I paid for the book, but perhaps I did. Either way, it was an excellent read. Unfortunately, it was the second boom in a series- and now I want to abandon my stacks of books and download the first book in the series!
Crush is the second adventure of FBI profiler Karen Vail. Written by Alan Jacobson, I think I liked it so much because it had a similar feel to my beloved Jonathan Kellerman novels. Mystery, psychology, likable characters. And an intense cliffhanger! Ugh! Gotta get through the next 7 books quick so I can go back and read number 1 in the series and the move on to number 3! Can't wait to find out what happens next...

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