Monday, May 9, 2011

Magic Hour

Hmm, I didn't intend for this blog to be primarily a book review...maybe I'm just on a reading roll...

Just finished "Magic Hour" by Kristin Hannah. I've read a book or two of hers before and really enjoyed them. So when I found this one, I picked it up. It started strong, I was intrigued. It was right up my alley with the whole nonverbal child- child therapist thing. But I started to lose interest toward the end. Maybe it was a little too predictable, I'm not sure. It was a nice story, but it lacked pizazz or--something. Maybe it was just me...


  1. Is it on your Nook or a real book? Pass it on!

  2. Real book. Just checked it out of the CJAMorris library. As soon as it's returned, I'll let you know.