Monday, March 14, 2011

The semi-lucid morning of a recovering insomniac

My eyes felt like sandpaper when I rolled over to look at the clock this morning. 2 minutes till. I don't think my groan was actually audible, but I can't be sure.

No sense waiting for the alarm. I'm guessing the cats are waiting outside the bedroom door for me, but I can't see them in the darkness. Guess I missed changing the time on the light timer. Fumble for the light switch- I'd rather not trip over a cat on the stairs in the dark. Ouch! My toes are not food. Why do you insist on nibbling on them every morning? Give me 30 more seconds and you'll have your food. Ugh. There's the "I didn't get enough sleep last night" feeling- I bet it rivals an expectant mother's morning sickness (though having never been an expectant mother, I cannot say this with absolute certainty). Thankfully I know it's short-lived and will have disappeared within half an hour. No, you cannot be in the bathroom with me while I shower. Why? Because the last time I let you in, you meowed the entire time; you sounded like the water was some flesh-eating acid and you were watching me melt down the drain.

I need socks. Sigh, they're downstairs since the clean laundry hasn't made it all the way back upstairs where it belongs. Well, I'll clean out the litterbox and take down the trash and I can grab my socks then. Oh, I should clean out the basement litterbox too. Geez! This trash is heavy. No! You don't need to go in the garage, I'm just putting the trash out there so it can go out.

Ok, so I don't have time to dry my hair now- I really should clean out the litterboxes the night before trash day...Ouch! Quit pouncing on my feet! Darn it! I forgot my socks.

Hmm, what to pack for lunch? Ok- a little of this and a little of that, done. Ready to go. Wait! Didn't check the ready to go. Oh, my water. Now ready to go. Really. *Yawn*

I'll be the first to admit that my sleepless nights are less frequent than in the past. But atypical events still throw my system out of whack- things like the time change, or staying up waaaay too late, or caffeine (mmm, caffeine...). And for several days I'll be "off" with my thoughts jumping around like I have ADHD and my body working in slow motion as if I was stuck in molasses. Some people are under the impression that since I don't sleep well, I don't need sleep. I'd like to correct that- that's someone who's having a manic episode- which I hear can be fun. No, I'm more of an insomniac, meaning I really would like to be able to sleep. A bad night is when I've been laying in bed for 2 hours and sleep just won't come, but I'm so tired I can't see straight. That leads to the incoherent ramblings of the sleep deprived. The bright spot is, unlike a true insomniac, that if last night was bad, tonight I'll sleep.


  1. This might be my favorite post so far.

  2. I think you need to train those cats to clean their own litter boxes and feed themselves!!!! Then you would have a better morning....just a thought.

  3. And clean up their own barf? Cause that would have been helpful this morning.