Monday, January 6, 2014

Hooks and books

I am making a real effort in this new year to spend more time engaging in my hobbies. I just put a bunch of ebooks on hold at the library. Of course I am certain they will all come available at the same time and I will not be able to get through them all... And when they become available I will (again) abandon the books I currently have in progress. No, I will read them this year, I mean it, I will! I will! Novels are just so much more fun than my stack of educational books that I know I NEED to read. Sigh. How did I ever make myself read textbooks? Oh, that's right, I stopped reading for pleasure altogether.

And crochet. My new hobby. I vow to set aside time for this, to learn more and try new things. It's kinda fun and relaxing. If only the kid and the cat would leave the yarn alone while I'm hooking...

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