Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One Step Closer


I have been prodded and probed and scoped.  Now I get to be X-Rayed. And try to figure out what to eat that DOESN'T contain gluten. Sometimes I think the process of healing (or figuring out what is wrong in order to try to heal) is worst that the illness itself!

I was getting gas this morning and noticed how pretty the moon looked up in the morning sky. And it struck me. We have the technology to send humans to the moon (unless you are a conspiracy theorist and believe that was all a hoax), but we can only "practice" medicine. Multiple tests and horrible procedures to try to find answers as to why our bodies suddenly quit functioning the way they used to function.

It could be worse. They ruled out cancer. Which, of course, I hadn't even been considering as possibly the problem. And only the start of an ulcer, not an actual ulcer. It doesn't seem to be my gall bladder...

So let's see. I stopped eating meat at age 16. Then I cut out pretty much all sweets, caffeine, carbonation, and dairy. Now I have to try to eliminate gluten. So that leaves, what, grass?

Okay, yes, I'm feeling a little sorry for myself right now. I admit it. By tomorrow I'll be over myself. But today I am sad and frustrated. I want macaroni and cheese. Anybody have a gluten free, dairy free (taste free?) recipe?


  1. I wish I did have a gluten free, dairy free TASTY recipe for you. Sigh. You are so allowed to have a little pity party for yourself. I certainly would be wallowing about now if it was me. Hang in there---there has to be something that they can figure out. I am praying that it is soon!!! Hugs.

    1. I will take some time this weekend to research and figure out my new diet. Hopefully I can come up with something tastier than grass...