Friday, October 11, 2013

Eat breakfast, don't starve

Each Friday Feeling Beachie ( lists four statements with blanks for you to fill in on your own blogs. This week Pam from TROUPPETRIE co-hosted and supplied the last two statements. Join in the fun! 

Phew this week's are tough!

This week's statements:
1) I get so ____ when _____
2) ____ is my favorite ____ for _____
3) I would rather ____ than any ____ to make my life easier
4) The one safety rule that is always followed at my house is ____ because _____

My answers:
1) I get so annoyed when the Huz doesn't being in the empty trash bin on trash day.
2) Breakfast is my favorite meal for the day. But not necessarily at breakfast time...
3) I would rather starve than eat any  meat which would make my life easier.
4) The one safety rule always followed at my house is don't run with scissors because that's the first safety rule I thought of that I know we enforce...

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