Monday, May 26, 2014

Misadventures in Baking

Little known fact (ha! As if there are any little known facts about me!) I'm thrifty. (Okay, cheap.) I love a good bargain. I'm about one step away from one of those ultimate couponers (granted it's a big step- I need time to learn how to do it and time to actually do it!). I hate to waste food. So when I was baking up a new recipe of cupcakes I decided I would use up the leftover icing from the last batch. But I didn't think green icing would be quite right for Coca cola cupcakes with a vanilla coke cream filling. 
But I had a plan! Throw in some cocoa powder, make it chocolatey and cover up the green color too. Well, let's just say this wasn't one of my more brilliant ideas. The transformation process wasn't pretty! The bright green morphed into a horrible brownish green and then a greenish brown before an acceptable brown color was achieved. Then it was time to put it on the cupcakes. I was out of pastry bags, so I used a ziplock. No fancy star tip this time. Mistake! I'm sure my child filling her diaper at the same time as I was piping the frosting didn't help, but these were cupcakes that were never going to look appetizing to me! 
Wonder if there is a market for poocakes...

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  1. I giggled about the poo cupcakes…..I am sure someone out there would love them. :-)